Why Ott's

Our Mission
Our mission and more importantly our passion is to produce the highest quality dressings and sauces, with our famously unique taste and versatility. We stand behind our products and commit ourselves to serving our customers with the highest standard of customer service. So from our family to yours, be happy, create memories, and enjoy Ott’s!
Here's Our Story

In 1946, Walter & Ruby Ott purchased Red’s Café located at the Junction of US 71 and Route 66 – the “Crossroads of America”.  Walter began serving a salad dressing like the ruby-red his mother used to make. This Red dressing (now known as Ott’s Famous Dressing) was in such high demand that in 1947 he began to bottle and sell it to restaurant customers. Travelers from around the world, traveling Route 66 began requesting the dressing. In 1948, due to the overflow of requests Walter and Ruby sold Red’s Café and concentrated solely on the salad dressing business and so began Ott Food Products. In 1954, to accommodate expanding production needs, they purchased property on Fairview Avenue in Carthage, Missouri where the company remains today.

Today Ott’s is retailed in over 2,000 grocery stores ranging over 15 states. Ott’s also carries a full-line of foodservice items in gallons and portion cups. Over 40 flavors are sold by approximately 34 foodservice distributors. In addition Ott’s produces many private label brands.

Where did the name Famous come from?
In the beginning our famous, red dressing was called Ott’s French Dressing. However, we learned it did not fit the FDA’s standard of identity as the oil content was too low and that we must change the name. This was not good news because the dressing was highly known as Ott’s French. Jack Crede and Roy Moore discussed options, worried that it would hurt sales. They said “we can’t change the name…its famous” So now you know how Ott’s Famous Dressing was born.
What makes Ott’s Famous different from other "Red" dressings?
Since Ott’s Famous is not a French style it has less fat and fewer calories than most. The sweet and tangy, rich tomato taste is enjoyed by both adults and children. And don’t forget those tiny white specks that give it its unique POP!
How can Ott’s dressings be used?
Here at Ott’s we suggest our dressings and sauces be used in a variety of ways. In addition to traditional salads, they can be used as: marinades for meats, dipping sauces for fresh veggies, fruit, and meat, used to dress pasta salad, flavor baked beans, glaze baked and grilled meats, Famous is excellent in taco salad. You can find many of our favorite recipes here.
What if I want a flavor profile you don’t currently have?
We can do it! You tell us what you are looking for or give us something to match and we will customize a recipe. Our lab will work directly with you to customize the taste you want.
Can I get a dressing or sauce with my own brand label?
Yes you can! We manufacture a variety of customized recipes that are Private Label for different individuals and we can do it for you too.
What if I don’t want a Private Label? Do you ever customize recipes under Ott’s brand for specific customers?
We do! Depending on quantities the customer may be purchasing, taste profile, and potential of item in the market. Anything labeled under Ott’s brand can be sold to any customer. We however do not purchase recipes.
Tell me about the ingredients you use?
Here at Ott’s we are proud of our products. We purchase high quality ingredients, buying from other Missouri companies as much as possible.
So why Ott’s?
We pride ourselves on Quality, Tradition, and Versatility. In addition, we believe in offering unmatched customer service. What does that mean for you? Not only will you be getting a quality product but we will be right there with you. We will do all that we can to ensure you get what you want, when you need it. When you call our office you will speak to a person and it may even be an owner that picks up the phone. Our owners take a hands on approach and are always willing to speak with and listen to a customer.
From our Family to yours…