Ott's Recipes
Bart’s Hot And Cheesy Bacon Burgers


  • Ott's Original Wing Sauce
  • 4-8 8oz. bacon-wrapped chopped sirloin filets
  • 16-24 oz. Italian blend shredded cheese
  • Cheddar or pepper jack can also be used


1. Take your bacon off each chopped sirloin filet and place on a skillet. Begin to fry bacon. Once bacon is crispy on one side, flip and crisp the second side. 2. Take a sharp knife and slide into one side of your filet, stopping 3/4 of the way through your filet. Move your knife up and down and side to side to make a small pocket. Slide your knife out of the filet and place your filet on its side so you can see into the pocket. 3. Next, pour a small amount of Ott's Original Wing Sauce into pocket, then some cheese, then a little more wing sauce, then finish with cheese. Make sure to pack your cheese into the chopped sirloin so it's not hanging out the side. Once the chopped sirloin is stuffed we want to press closed the hole and form into a nice burger patty. 4. Preheat your grill on medium. 5. Season your patties with your favorite seasoning - anything from all-purpose seasoning, to Italian, to just salt and pepper. 6. Place on grill on top rack and cook 7-9 minutes on each side, or until desired temperature. 7. Once your burgers are done, take them off the top rack and place foil down on the top rack. Put the burgers on the foil and put the grill on low. At this time, make small balls of shredded cheese, just slightly smaller than a golf ball and place one on each burger. Close your grill and let the cheese melt slowly. Remove burgers. 8. Place burgers on bun, top with bacon, a little Ott's Original Wing Sauce, and any other toppings - then enjoy!